Welcome to my healthy kingdom! Leading a healthy lifestyle is very important to me and eating is the biggest part of it along with exercise of course. Most of you probably get immediately turned off when you hear the word ‘healthy’ BUT I promise that my recipes are delicious and nutritious!

One of the key components to any diet is protein, it’s very important as it keeps you full and provides quality fuel for those of you pumpin’ iron. So, all of my recipes are nutrient filled and protein packed!

I’ve also included my favorite tips and tricks  along with exercise suggestions which are all part of leading a healthy lifestyle in the most positive way.

Throughout this website, you’ll find a number of topics that cover most, if not all aspects of health and wellness. If you can’t find what your looking for; search it up in the search box! And if it’s still not there, let me know and I’ll do my best to cover the subject matter.

I’m very open to suggestions and feedback so feel free to comment or ask questions either by sending me an e-mail or commenting on my blog.

Stay healthy,

Proteen Queen