This is my favorite smoothie! So delicious & Nutritious!

I love to make smoothies as you know, they make a fantastic afternoon snack. So, I make my smoothie for the day and put it in a metal or dark (BPA free) plastic water bottle… Then, I drink it at school as if it were regular water, I’m not suppose to eat in class, but I can sneak in my smoothie! That way, I keep my stomach satisfied and my mind off the fact that I’m hungry, and in result, I can concentrate on my work!

Here’s the recipe!


-1/3 of a frozen banana

-1 frozen apple washed and cut up into pieces

-1/4 scoop- 1 tbsp scoop of natural chocolate or vanilla (preferably plant based) protein powder

-1 tbsp of ground chia seeds

-1-2 spinach balls

-1 cup of milk (unsweetened vanilla or plain almond milk or regular organic milk)

Blend until creamy and enjoy!

Stay Healthy,

Proteen Queen

Tip: Put your “water bottle” in your bag with an ice pack to keep it cold!