During my recent summer vacation I went on a hike only to discover a natural rocky waterfall which fell into a bath of clay. I’m not quite sure what kind of clay it was, although it covered entirely the small pool of water. Swimming in this was such a fun experience and it inspired this informative post about healing clay!

First of all the BEST healing clay is the bentonite variety. This clay has been around for thousands of years and has been used throughout generations as a method of detoxification and healing.

Bentonite clay is naturally found in abundance around Wyoming and Montana. It is formed from weathered volcanic ashes that have been in the presence of water.
However, the most interesting thing about Bentonite Clay is that is has a very strong and negative electromagnetic charge, which means that whenever it’s activated by water, it pulls out any toxins and/or metals, just like a magnet and it simultaneously delivers some vital minerals.

When buying Bentonite Clay, be sure to buy from a reputable company with high quality products and low aluminum content, especially if you are planning on ingesting this clay.

For more information and suggestions oh how to use Bentonite Clay (as I am very new to the whole concept surrounding this wonderful gift of nature) you can visit these great websites:

Bentonite Clay 101 + 15 Head-to-Toe Uses

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