If you’re dining in or dining out, it’s hard to choose the best option on the menu. Without nutritional values to go by or ingredient lists to check it’s hard to figure what’s the healthiest.  I’ve figured out some tricks and tips that work for me and hopefully they will work for you too!


-Avoid white pasta or white bread.

-When ordering a salad, choose the one with the leanest protein and the lightest dressing (which I ask for on the side) for example: order a balsamic over a caesar dressing.

-Avoid creamy sauces or rich dishes like fettuccine Alfredo.

-Try not to order fried foods as they contain a lot of unnecessary oils, such as vegetable oil, which I avoid completely.

-Also, when I go out, I always stick with water. It’s refreshing and calorie free!

That’s basically how I choose what I’m going to eat on a menu. Although these guidelines do eliminate a lot of dishes, I always feel much better eating something I’m happy with. An other thing, pick restaurants that have a wide variety of options, then you’ll be sure to find something. And don’t be afraid to ask the waiter to mix and match dishes, I do it all the time to achieve the healthiest alternative. As much as they are convenient, fast food restaurants are no no. I really try and avoid them because the food is processed and full of pesticides. The meat is just NOT real and the sugar/salt contents are absurd (unless you’re in a REAL PINCH steer clear)!

One last thing, it’s okay to indulge ONCE IN A WHILE on your favorite dish it can be pizza, pasta, burgers or fries! Whatever it may be, enjoy it because you deserve it!

Stay Healthy,

Proteen Queen