This is one of my favorites! I stumbled upon it in a book store, and later looked it up online. The Honest Life by Jessica Alba is a great read and resource.

You can consult this books for tips and honest opinions. Featured at the back of the book is a whole list of “dishonest” ingredients to watch out for in cosmetics and food. I especially loved this book because there’s a special edition available on iBooks which includes some videos and interactive concepts! This is the type of book that doesn’t require you to read each and every word, you can flip through the categories that interest you and bookmark the pages with useful information. I always have it handy when I’m looking for a little insight! I strongly suggest this book if you’re looking for some clarity on the whole concept of living a healthy lifestyle, not so much with food and exercise but more on everyday essentials.

THIS is the book that changed my opinion on the products that I was using at the time… Which I’ve now replaced with much healthier alternatives. The Honest Life is what started my journey on finding the best products for my skin! I put in a lot of time and research in educating myself on the importance of having healthy skin.

Besides, why shouldn’t we? It’s the largest organ our body has and it’s absorption rate is faster then the one of our digestive system! So let’s take care of ourselves inside and out!

Stay Healthy!

Proteen Queen