As a busy student and health & fitness nut, I’m always looking for the best on the go, high-protein snack and well ladies and gentlemen, I may just have found it. I was recently delighted with the opportunity to sample Pure and Primal protein energy bars which happen to be GMO-free, gluten-free and vegan.

Pure and Primal protein bars are a delicious combination of organic nut butters (almond, hazelnut or cashew), dates, quinoa, rice protein and a wonderful greens blend of green tea, spirulina and chlorella along with kale and spinach. Not only are these protein bars super clean but their nutritional value is additionally astonishing.

Too many energy and protein bars on the market today are packed with artificial sweeteners, colours and flavours with low-quality ingredients but Pure and Primal bars are just the opposite. One protein bar contains an approximate 200 calories with 12-15 grams of fiber, 12 grams of protein and at most 8 grams of sugar (naturally occurring from the dates) making them an ideal-high quality snack with tons of fiber and a low sugar content.

They currently come in four different flavors: date and almond, date and hazelnut, date and apricot and date and apple. I tried both the date and almond and the date and apricot bars and I truly loved them both. They are subtly sweet, with hearty bite and a slight crunch from the quinoa, yum!

The size of these bars is also quite substantial, it’s very comparable to the size of a Quest bar. Their consistency reminds me of a hybrid between a Quest bar and a Lara bar but they are most definitely the best of both worlds as they are larger in size (more to eat!), much lower in sugar, more flavorful and higher in protein and fiber. Their consistency is also much chewier and not as malleable as Lara bars which I personally prefer.

Pure and Primal bars are the perfect snack to carry in your purse, your car or to keep at the office since they store well and lack any yogurt or chocolatey coatings that could potentially melt in warmer weather.

In terms of price each bar is approximately $3 USD, which equates to $35 for a box of twelve. These are reasonably priced compared to their competitors like a VegaOne bar that costs $4.54/bar.

The only improvements I would suggest for these energy bars is an even higher protein content as many of its competitors have about 20 grams of protein per bar. A higher protein content would increase its nutritional density, especially for active individuals. I would also suggest creating more flavors as there are only four current flavors… Perhaps a coconut or chocolate chip?

My very last comment that I announce with great regret is that the company does not ship internationally, these bars are strictly available in the United-States. Perhaps this will soon change so that the rest of the world can enjoy them as much as I have.

Pure and Primal bars definitely live up to their name. This admirable concoction of ingredients that originated in Burbank California contains nothing but the purest and best organic, vegan, GF and GMO-free ingredients, ones that our primitive ancestors sure would have loved.


xx Leah