As the cold weather is fast approaching, I’m looking forward to cozy sweaters and hot cocoa! But I’m not looking forward to dry skin… Here are some ideas to help combat this  winter worry…

List of fantastic four tips:

1. Lock in the moisture! This means that since the air is much dryer, it is essential to keep moisture in the air. In this case, a humidifier has proven to be very useful. They can be small and compact, perfect for a bedroom. This allows your skin to breath in a moisture rich environment while you sleep.

2. Avoid long hot baths or showers. Although this is very comforting after being out in the cold, it is best to opt for a short warm shower.

3. Especially after having showered, the pores of your skin are nice and open making it a prime time to moisturize!! In the summer, we tend to use a lighter moisturizer and sometimes none at all. Although, in cold weather our skin needs to be replenished with something richer. For very dry skin, Glaxall Base is great! My favorite thing to use however, is an oil-based moisturizer. It can be a combination of oils or straight avocado oil which does wonders for your skin! Be sure to avoid coconut oil however because it can be pore clogging…

4. Last but no least, exfoliate. It is so important to exfoliate dry dead skin cells for proper moisture absorption. Exfoliation shouldn’t be a daily habit but a few times a week is fine. When your skin feels slightly rough, you’re probably due for an exfoliation. I like to use ground oats or almonds along with my usual cleanser. You can also use a handheld device such as a Clarisonic for optimal exfoliation.

Hopefully these tips will help you beat winter skin and keep you glowing even in a winter wonderland!

Stay healthy,
Proteen Queen