Finally!! I’m back to blogging after such a long break and the timing couldn’t be more perfect as the holiday season is in full swing and I’m feeling cheery! As you’ve hopefully noticed, the reason I’ve been slightly MIA is primarily because I’ve been working on redesigning my webpage, which now has an entire new look that I hope you will enjoy. In the spirit of Christmas, it’s sort of a present to myself but it’s also a present for my readers, even if the new look only makes one other person smile, I’ll be happy. I’m hoping the new design is simpler and easier to navigate for you all, so feel free to browse through it and let me know what you think. I would love any type of feedback, good or constructive, so don’t be shy…

Another reason for my absence of blogging relates to my health. Over the past few months I’ve thankfully been able to spend a lot of time figuring out the best strategies to navigate my PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). If you aren’t familiar with the condition feel free to read more about here. I won’t go too much into the topic now because that’s a whole other post in itself -for those of you who care to read about it. Nonetheless, I’ve spent a lot of time visiting various doctors and naturopaths and frankly a greater period of time doing my own research (and driving myself crazy with it too!). Although PCOS is incurable, I can confidently say that my journey to discovering the best path to navigate this condition has finally been made clear. I firmly believe that I am doing everything I can to diminish as many symptoms of this condition as possible including both nutrition, supplement and lifestyle regimes (and I will be sharing this information very soon!). Just as I wish this to be the case for everyone, I’m happy to be wrapping up 2017 with my health and nutrition in check.

Finally, the last reason why my blog has been slightly neglected is because of the change of season. I know this sounds silly, but as summer has long left us and the colder weather has set in, I have been feeling so gloomy. Some days are worse than others, and thankfully I’ve been feeling much brighter with the holiday season here, but just a few weeks ago I felt SO unmotivated. As sad as I am to admit it, I did not feel like blogging in the least; I felt very uninspired.

I am someone who strongly believes your environment plays a major role on your happiness (which you can also read more about here). So, when the weather is grey and the sun is hiding leaving an ashy cast on the entire world, I feel rather sad and frustrated at times and this tends to reflect negatively not only on myself but on those around me as well. Having the time to do so in my life right now, I’ve been really trying to be more aware of my surroundings and their impact on my happiness. I’ve also made a big effort to be more intuitive and recognize when I am not feeling myself. By doing so, I can try and correct my mood or sometimes just accept it, let it pass and do things that I know will make me happy. Exercising, eating well, taking the time to relax and do things for myself as well as surrounding myself with people who are fun-loving and positive are all great ways to cope with SAD (I’m not sure this is exactly what I was suffering from, but to a certain extent perhaps).

Anyway… Although it’s super important to acknowledge when you’re feeling any type of negative emotion and it’s even more important to talk about it, I’m feeling very positive today and I hope that this attitude is here to stick.

I’m super excited to be sharing my new website with you and I hope you are just as excited to see it! This month, along with the closing of this year is a great time to be happy, reflect on your year and remember what made it special and what you could challenge yourself to improve on for next year. Most importantly, it’s a time to have fun (especially for those of you finishing up exams)!

So, do things you love, see the people you love and spread kindness to yourself and to everyone you encounter. Now, I’m not trying to promote an unrealistic approach as to how one should live because unfortunately, this month can be super stressful and sometimes depressing for people too. I’m just trying to share some positivity in hopes that with everyone you meet, you find a way bring a smile to their face because you truly never know what kind of day they may have had.

Happy Holidays!



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