I recently participated in a media launch for a fantastic restaurant called Windup Bird Cafe where I made a tofu burger with a lovely little girl named Kiki!

This restaurant has such a great ambiance and it represents a lot more then just food. Windup Bird Cafe explores so many great dishes with a lot of depth. The thought and preparation that goes into the food shows that it was made with love! And well it’s also pretty delicious!! This restaurant serves more then just food, the community involvement of this restaurant is admirable. Windup Bird Cafe is the host of some great projects like Kid-Chen confidential, where young kids teach other kids how to cook wholesome meals. I was just fortunate enough to be involved in the beginning of something great!

Thank you Windup Bird Cafe!

Some bloggers mentioned “Proteen Queen” in their articles about Windup Bird Cafe’s media launch, here are the links!

Soar with the Wind-Up Bird Cafe


Be sure to check it out and stay healthy,

Proteen Queen